Our mission at the Eating Behaviors Laboratory is to better understand eating behaviors, particularly as they impact eating disorders. We also aim to provide both graduate and undergraduate students with opportunities to engage in research at many levels. Our work involves a number of perspectives but is generally conducted from the stand point of behavioral and functional-contextual theories while integrating biology. Our methodologies include in lab experimental studies of eating rate, clinical studies of light therapy, and ecological momentary assessment studies of the relationship between mood, eating behavior, and other variables of interest. We are always trying new things as well, in projects that are directed by our talented and motivated graduate and undergraduate researchers.

Want Help with Eating-Related Problems?


In and around Laramie, WY call (307) 766-2149

Nationally call the National Eating Disorder Association's

Confidential Helpline: (800)931-2237

Contact Us

Phone (307)-314-2233


Email: uwyoeatingbehaviorslab@gmail.com

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